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How to make a donation

There are several ways to help us to raise money to help the children of Carriacou.

Donations can be made in cash or in items.

Slightly used clothes also can be donated.

Donations in cash can be given to the office of Lumbadive or the Slipway restaurant both located at Tyrell Bay.

Or can be transfered to our bank account at the Grenada Cooperative bank :

Carriacou Children's Education Fund

For 1 EC$ (0,37 US$) we can give one needy student a lunch

For 200 EC$ (75 US$) we can give a needy student a lunch during one school year

For 2695 EC$ (1,000 US$) we can provide a 2 year study for a needy child at T.A. Marryshow Community College, including the books they need.

With the money we raised we also donate school uniforms to needy children.

Items we can use for the auction are:

  • household items, like plates, cups, silver ware,pots and pans
  • boat items, like pumps, lines, sails, electronics etc. etc
  • laptop computers, printers,
  • children's games
  • Books, T shirts, artwork
  • .Baked goods - cakes, cookies, etc
  • Personal services like haircuts, bottom scrubbing, etc.
  • almost EVERYTHING