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Local businesses who donated to the Carriacou Children's Education Fund

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  • AD Prints
  • Budget Marine Grenada
  • Caribbean Compass
  • Carriacou Marine Ltd.
  • Carriacou Multi-Purpose Centre
  • Carriacou Underwater Services inc.
  • Gallery Cafe
  • Hills and Valley Pharmacy and Distribution
  • Lambi Queen Restaurant
  • Law office of Nigel D.Stewart & Associates
  • Lazy Turtle Pizzeria
  • Lumbadive Padi Dive Resort
  • Massages by Genevieve
  • Motor vessel "Amelia"
  • Nigel
  • Olga Joseph Plus One
  • Slipway Restaurant
  • Tanty Lizzy's Seaside Fountain
  • Technical Marine Management Carriacou
  • Twillight Restaurant