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The Committee Members

John and Melodye Pompa began collecting items in 2000 for what is now is called the Carriacou Children's Education Fund.

After 18 years of cruising the Easteren Caribbean they retired from their cruising life in 2012 and moved ashore in Florida.

Stepping forward to assume the leadership role are Harm Brink and Lizzy Brink-Conijn from SV Horta

Harm and Lizzy, from the Netherlands, began sailing in the Caribbean in 2002 

Judy Evans is a volunteer "from the first hour" She and her husband Gordon have been sailing in the Caribbean since 2001 Judy and Gordon (US). are writing the press releases and are the organizers of the yearly Potluck and the Raffle.

Thereia Lendore-Mills is the principal of the Harvey Vale school, she is our multi functional committee member.

Jeremy Stewart (UK) takes care of the Carriacou Children's Education Fund Wifi in the Slipway restaurant.

Andrea Gerstmann (Germany) is our bookkeeper.

During regatta time there are always several volunteers who step forward to assist the team where ever they can. They also organize spontaneous activities like Mexican train dominoes, beach games and beach parties